Getting Started
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    Download the appropriate binary. For Windows make sure you download either the 32 bit or 64 bit versions depending on your OS.
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    If you are on OSX, open the DMG and drag RoasTime to your Applications. If you are on Windows, you will run the EXE to install RoasTime to your hard drive.
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    When opening RoasTime 2 for the first time on Windows, you will need to make sure your computer is connected to your Bullet via USB first. You will be prompted to run a program that needs to be run in order to install the right USB drivers. Allow it to run with the Bullet connected and you will see the command prompt run a driver installation. This will happen TWO times and is not a bug. (But it may hang at the end, even after correctly installing the drivers.)
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    When first opening RoasTime, you have the option to continue as a guest or register an Aillio ID account. The choice is yours, but there are many benefits to opting into an Aillio ID - this is highly recommended.
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    Get roasting! You may have to unplug and replug your roaster, but you should see that it is connected in the bottom left corner of the RoasTime software. If it is not, please try reconnecting the USB. If you continue to have problems, contact support.
Windows Note: RoasTime 2 uses different USB drivers than RoasTime 1, so using both on the same computer is not possible.
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